Payroll laws frequently change, resulting in more and more of our routine processes being replaced with new digital processes. For example, income tax cards will only occur in an electronic form.

Admittedly, such frequent changes make payroll accounting difficult, but with relog you have a competent partner on your side who will do this reliably.

The benefits are obvious

  • With us you are on the safe side
  • You do not need to acquire complex professional knowledge
  • You can have peace of mind while focusing on your core business
  • You have a personal contact for questions about your current payroll statements

We meet daily challenges associated with workforce planning with a high degree of flexibility. At relog, we are aware of the problem of identifying and executing monthly changes in transaction data, as well as the specifics of short-term employee resignations. Our services are exactly what a well-structured company with high flexibility requires regarding current payroll and salary statements. Depending on how your current pay slips are conducted, you get a cost savings based on your current solution. By switching to relog you reduce your long term administration costs and improve your profitability.