The company decodi operates internationally and supports its customers by developing software for financial and payroll accounting and offering efficient services between tax consulting companies and clients.


ADDISON is a software product of the company Wolters Kluwer Software and Service GmbH. ADDISON offers solutions for tax consultants and auditors, mid-sized companies, and for the craft sector in several areas such as wages and salary statements, financial accounting, document management and warehouse management.


The globally active company Edenred offers rechargeable credit cards and meal vouchers which are typically used in the HR department or in the marketing and sales department. Those cards and vouchers can be redeemed at about 1,4 million partners.


AIDA ORGA has developed organization solutions for professional managing systems in the field of hard- and software for many years now.


SOKA-Bau merges the supplementary pension fund of the craft sector and the leave and wage compensation fund of the construction industry. SOKA-Bau makes sure that i.e. employees can make payments into their pension fund despite missed time due to bad weather. Employers also receive benefits from SOKA-Bau.


The Minijob-Zentrale is the central collecting and reporting agency for marginally employed staff and belongs to the group of the German pension insurance Knappschaft Bahn See. It assumes i.e. the social security registration and the collection of flat-rate contribution and advises employers.

Einzugsstelle Garten- und Landschaftsbau

The collecting agency Garten- und Landschaftbau (EWGaLa) records employers of that industry and collects the determined training levy for the promotion of junior staff and the wintertime employment levy.


The uk/zck is a network of non-profit organizations which makes sure that the employees receive their annual leave and holiday pay during the course of the year even when they get hired by new employers.

Sozialkassen des Dachdeckerhandwerks

Sozialkassen des Dachdeckerhandwerks are a joint institution consisting of the wage compensation fund, supplementary pension fund and the central pension fund for the roofing trade as well as the industrial union Bauen- Agrar- Umwelt. The social funds implement collectively agreed benefits in the roofing trade.

Law firm KERNER

The law office KERNER attorneys and specialized lawyers for labor law advises and represents successfully, competently and assertively for over 20 years nationally the interests of companies in all areas concerning labor law.

Law firm Kruse & Werner

The law office Kruse & Werner attorneys is located in the center of Großburgwedel. Attorney Mr. Kruse is an expert in family law and has been specialized in the fields of family law, inheritance law and debt collection since 1999. Attorney Mr. Werner is an expert in medical law and social law und represents clients who have legal questions concerning medical treatment and social law aspects as well as tenancy law affairs.