Outsource ongoing payroll accounting

Easily with relog

For many business owners the outsourcing of the creation of current payrolls, as well as salaries to a service provider is tantamount to a gain of time for the core competencies. Outsourcing to a local relog branch is also an optimization of outsourcing in terms of operating costs and quality.

The advantages speak for themselves

Profit from our services and professional knowledge at a fair price.

In compliance with the deadlines, we always take care of your ongoing payroll accounting.
Punctual and reliable.

Punctual and confidential
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Personal and individual
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Reasons for outsourcing current payroll

The reasons for outsourcing current payroll accounting can be very diverse. Mostly, companies want to save costs. Skilled workers cause costs. Even if only a 450 € position is filled, these costs must also first be generated by the company. Normal office staff, who do payroll accounting in addition to their daily business, often do not have enough specialized knowledge to be aware of occurring peculiarities and stumbling blocks of payroll accounting. This can result in further, unnecessary effort. Outsourcing also eliminates the need for further training for payroll clerks, such as courses and literature.