Your personal data is absolutely safe with us!

Protecting your information is our top priority and is guaranteed by legal framework. Our information technology system is tested and certified. We steadily consider the latest legislation and ensure a consistently high quality of services.

Each relog location observes the necessary safety regulations when encrypting, transmitting and storing data, as well as when selecting their hardware and software. Our offices are secured by alarm systems, access control, and a security service. All relog employees are informed of the applicable data protection regulations, and are regularly checked to see if they implement them correctly.

Since the beginning of 2013 relog has employed two internal data protection officers. With this decision, management has acknowledged the issue of data protection requires special attention. The in-house data protection officers monitor the implementation of the applicable data protection regulations set forth by the Federal Data Protection Act, as well as the relog internal safety regulations. By request, we can offer our customers a free and certified agreement to handle all electronic data processing according to certain specifications..

Trust and seriousness is a matter of course for the relog-lohn GmbH. Therefore, a new external data protection officer has been appointed since 25.05.2018 to meet the growing demands on security and data protection:

Mr. Jürgen Recha c/o interev GmbH
Robert-Koch-Straße 26
30853 Langenhagen
+49 511 / 89 79 84 10