The beginning is the implementation of a business idea and a successful, vigorous market cultivation. Your young company needs more time for its core business, especially during its start-up phase, and you can get it through our service. Unfortunately, the creation of current pay slips does not take place simply by pressing a button, it requires a lot of specialized knowledge.

We support you in your foundation phase and take care of the necessary reports and certificates related to your current payroll and salary administration. You will receive a personal contact! Make the price comparison! You save money with us compared to other offerings, or a corporate solution!

Do not burden yourself with current payroll and salary administration.

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We create your current payslips for the construction industry competently and timely. Payroll and salary administration for the construction industry and ancillary trades are and remain time-consuming and complicated. Transfer these activities to relog, which is available as a highly experienced service provider. We offer you customized solutions that can be adjusted to match your wisches.

Special features available when we create your current payslips in the construction industry:

  • Reports to the social security benefits office (“Sozialkassen”) affiliated with the construction industry (for example, the Soka-Bau). All contributions due to the social security benefits office (“Sozialkassen”) like the ZVK contribution or the winter employment allocation are determined by us and submitted to the responsible office (Sozialkasse)
  • seasonal short-time allowance (season-KUG). In place of the former bad weather allowance is the season-KUG. You will receive the completed application for seasonal short-time allowances for the employment agency from us.
  • Creation of instant notifications Since 01/01/2009 the construction industry is obligated to immediately report certain data for new employees to the "central data point of the pension insurance institution" (DSRV). This notification (instant notification) which must be made before start of employment can be done by us.
  • Administering working time accounts and compiling calendar data. Realizing the importance of the accounting of working time and its great significance in the construction industry, relog works to prevent an accumulation of overtime due to weather related losses of working time. The illustration of a calendar and the working time accounts on our payslips for the construction industry provides an excellent overview for employers and employees.
  • Together with the payslips for your employees, you will receive all relevant reports and statistics you need. Request an individual offer and compare your present costs with our offer.