It's not enough to have knowledge; one must also apply it.
It is not enough to have wishes; we must also accomplish.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

The relog philosophy provides internal orientation for all relog franchisees and their employees which ensures no one strays from the path. This philosophy applies to decisions made in the context of daily work, and in particular our strategic direction. The philosophy promotes positive management principles in all relog contractors which influences their social responsibility and leadership.

Externally, relog’s philosophy should answer the question “For what does relog stand for?”. The message is for our clients and their employees, any potential customers, as well as any individuals and legal entities who have an interest in the economic development of the relog franchise system, or to the development of any individual relog franchise partners.The name “relog” is to be linked with a positive image.




The field of wage and salary administration is constantly changing. To make matters worse, laws are sometimes passed that have limited practicality. In addition, new provisions associated with these laws may raise cautionary flags about the constitutionality of the law.




In this changing environment, each of us is required. With their actions and deeds all franchisees and their employees must fulfill the characteristic image of the relog franchise system, the brand "relog", and each relog partner company both internally and externally. Our reputation and success is to a large extent influenced by this image. The aim of the relog philosophy is to give our actions a uniform direction. Consequently, the guidelines of the relog philosophy are the basis and justification for the actions of each individual.