The satisfaction of your guests is your top priority. We support you in that endeavor! Many hotel and restaurant businesses already use the relog services related to wages and salaries. Relying on the competent services of relog allows you to focus much more on your core business.

We provide optimal solutions for the complex payslips in the hospitality industry: With relog you are on the safe side! Whether year-round or seasonal operation, shift work with surcharges or mini-jobs, at relog you will find the best solution at competitive prices. relog allows you to enjoy full flexibility with your scheduling needs, and decreases the operating expenses of your payroll accounting.

Your relog contact supports you in matters related to the creation of your current payroll and salary statements: relog creates your monthly pay slips including appropriate evaluations while at the same time sending necessary electronic data transmissions to health insurance companies, trade associations and other authorities - competent, reliable and inexpensive.

Our staff is familiar with the special requirements of the catering industry. We handle the calculations of tax and social security deductions for specific wage types like night shift hours, tips, holiday and sunday surcharges, in conformity with the law. Another key element in creating your payslips is an optimal handling of the collection and processing of the working hours of your employees. With relog, all operating times can be sent directly to us via an interface.

Our goal is to seek a long-term partnership that will increase your scope for new financial possibilities in investments, as well as hires for you.