relog is specialized in the preparation of current payroll accounting. Reduce your costs and risks of error by outsourcing the preparation of current payroll accounting.

In return, we offer you economy, simplicity and efficiency in the processing of your current payrolls.

You can switch to relog as easily as this

At the beginning we only need the following documents:

  • Company master data
  • Personnel master data

For the ongoing monthly payrolls, you then tell us only the:

  • variable data (hours worked, salary increases, etc.)
  • desired payroll date

We have developed a form for you to facilitate the transfer of variable data and ensure that all specifics are taken into account on a monthly basis.

We stand for easy processing

From the beginning - your personal relog contact

You provide the necessary data of your company and your relog contact person maintains the master data. Once all specified data has been taken over, your workload is reduced to the reporting of variable data such as overtime, days of absence or special benefits. We take care of all work around your current payroll accounting - always up to date with the latest legislation. We also take care of all the necessary reports to the social insurance agencies for you. You will receive the documents and evaluations by mail, e-mail and/or via our online portal.

The detailed procedure to the individual payroll accounting


1. Transfer of your company and employee data (one-time).

The transfer includes the inclusion of the company data (master data, tax data) and the personnel data of the employees (master data, payroll data) in our accounting system. The data is checked and corrected if necessary.

The data transfer for our clients can be done from the existing payroll system or with our special industry checklists. In this way, we enable our clients to transfer data correctly with the least possible effort.

All individual payroll components, e.g. collective wage agreements as well as individual wage types or a company-specific chart of accounts, are entered into our payroll system during the data transfer.

However, copies or PDF documents of the data required for payroll accounting are also sufficient for data transfer.


2. Send us changes and variable data on a monthly basis

Communicate the variable data to us on a monthly basis. By this we mean, for example, the number of hours worked or vacation days. Salary increases, special payments and hours worked on Sundays and holidays should also be reported in good time for the current payroll. This is the only way to ensure that your employees receive a correct payroll.


3. We prepare your current payrolls

The monthly payroll run is done in direct coordination between the personal contact and the client. In advance, the type and scope of the transfer of transaction data is jointly agreed and a payroll date is defined.

The payroll run always takes into account the current legal requirements (changes in social security and tax law, updated health insurance data, etc.) as well as individual company specifications and collective bargaining regulations. The transmitted monthly salary components (fixed/variable) are implemented and any master data changes are processed. 

Reporting (social insurance/wage tax)

We electronically transmit the legally required reports to the respective reporting offices (health insurance funds/other authorities) on time. As an optional service, we can carry out additional notifications for you at any time. 

New employees

Your company is growing and you hire a new employee. For correct payroll accounting, we need not only the name, date of birth and social security number, but also all the details of the employment relationship. We have prepared appropriate forms for you. For example, enter the type of employment, the number of hours per week, the number of vacation days per year, and the salary.

Payment transactions

Depending on the selected form of payment transaction, you will receive payment lists (transfer/debit/cash) or universally usable payment files for all common online banking applications (DTAUS files). We will also be happy to handle electronic payment transactions for you. 

Accounting documents

The documents of the settlement run are made available to you as a PDF document. This ensures that all documents can be accessed electronically by you at any time and unnecessary printouts can be avoided. This saves money, space and protects the environment.

If required, we print, envelope and send the monthly statements to the employees. Likewise, all accounting documents can be sent in paper form to the agreed delivery address. Delivery is made to the personal recipient. 


In order to prepare payrolls as efficiently as possible, a simple and secure data exchange between your company and our payroll administrators is extremely important. For this, we offer you a user-friendly platform with the OneClick tool. Simply upload your documents and retrieve the completed payrolls at any time. If desired, we can also set up a separate account for each employee and thus access to their individual payrolls. Just get in touch with us.


Sometimes employees need e.g. sick pay certificates, work certificates or housing allowance certificates. We will be happy to issue the relevant certificates on request.

Individual requirements

If required, we can prepare further evaluations and statements for you as part of the ongoing payroll accounting process.

The individual adjustments are carried out as required and serve to relieve you as a relog customer of time-consuming and cumbersome routine work and this at manageable conditions.